Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


It has been a challenging few years for most of us. Yet, we have been fortunate to see some remarkable deeds of compassion, dedication and generosity from our staff, volunteers, teachers and partners – both statutory and third sector. We are grateful to our funders, well-wisher and those who have believed in our cause and donated generous amount. We are also thankful to our beneficiaries for the trust and cooperation during our support work.

I would like to say huge THANK YOU to all of you for supporting our community during these challenging and uncertain times. It is with your dedication and hard work, we have been able to meet our charitable purposes and deliver our support for the Gurkha Veterans and families across West London and beyond. Our hopes for the future are even higher. We look forward to working with you all in a better co-ordinated environment and we hold you all in our thoughts and minds.

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