Serving the Gurkha Widows


Tirtha Maya Rai is one of the Gurkha widows that we have been supporting since she arrived in the UK for settlement in 2020. Her husband, late Kul Bahadur Rai, served in the Brigade of Gurkha for nearly 16 years and was retired as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) in 1964. Late Kul Bahadur Rai has an exemplary service record who served in India, Malaya, Hong Kong and Brunei.

Mrs Tirtha Maya Rai showing her newly arrived Freedom Pass.

Mrs Tirtha Maya Rai has a literacy and language barrier which makes it hard for her to access health, welfare and other public services. She has no close relatives or friends who could have assisted her in her daily living. Therefore, she relies on our support on a daily basis from simple as reading mails to contacting health and welfare services.

We are proud to be supporting her and ensuring that her needs are met. She attends our drop in sessions every week and is forming friendship with other elderly Gurkha widows, wives and veterans.

Mrs Tirtha Maya Rai (front row far left) taking part in a weekly functional fitness training session.

Mrs Rai is praying for her sons’ appeal for settlement visa to be successful. We wish her all the very best that her sons get their settlement visas and be united with her soon in the United Kingdom.

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