Health and Social Care

Since our Gurkha Veterans and their wives and widows are getting older, they need extra care and support in monitoring their health and wellbenig more than ever. Through our outreach services and home visits, we regularly check their health needs and ensure that they get appropriate level of support in accessing health services.

Our beneficiaries cannot read letters and have a language barrier. To overcome this barrier, we read letters for them and we ensure that they do not miss their health appointments. We provide linguistic and mobility support in their health appointments and consultation.

Through our volunteers and support group, we provide reassurance and friendly voices to the elderly and the most vulnerable who otherwise be facing loneliness and isolation.   

Throughout the difficult times of Covid-19 rapid infection, we worked around the clock to monitor health and welfare of our beneficiaries and to ensure that no one suffered disproportionately because of the barriers and lack of skills and confidence in seeking help and support.

To protect our beneficiaries from rapid infection and potential deterioration of their underlying health conditions further, we formed a good working relationship with local GPs and hospital wards and emergency services in West London. As such, we helped the government and the NHS reduce infection and protect public health and saved lives.

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