About us.

Thousands of Gurkha veterans and their families took the offer to settle in the UK following the 2009 immigration policy and subsequent changes therein for the retired Gurkhas. 

Some Gurkha veterans have excellent life skills and have a promising future, but there are many who struggle to navigate the system and need extra support to overcome the barriers including language, literacy and cross-cultural skills.  

The Gurkha Centre was established in March 2019 to provide advice, information and practical support to Gurkha Veterans and their families at grass root level and bridge existing service gaps.    

Many elderly Gurkha veterans and their wives and widows have multiple health conditions requiring them to access medical help on a regular basis.

The Gurkha Centre has supported hundreds of Gurkha veterans and families in their successful transition, integration and access to public services.  

We work with our partner charities and stakeholders from the government as well as wider agencies to ensure our beneficiaries get the right support they need.  

We accept funds and grants to further our objectives and continue with our support work for the community.

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